68 – Forty Hall, Whitewebbs Woods, Hillyfields Park, a return visit 5.8 miles – 14th June

In short: a return to walk number 25 which we did last July – an ideal one for hot weather as there is so much wooded shade. A couple of variations through the woods. Lovely edge of London parkland and woods; toilets in pretty poor condition but delightful cafe as ever – albeit pretty slow […]

67 – Abridge circular, Essex fields and rural views 6 miles – 7th June

In short: amazingly rural and remarkably slow walk! Largely our lack of speed was due to trying to navigate across fields without an obvious footpath but also to trying to photograph the fabulous wildlife that we saw. Proper boots required due to very rural nature of the walk – also Anthisan (or equivalent) would have […]

66 – Orford fields, lanes and woods 6.6 miles – 30th May

In short: a different type of Orford walk this time – not coastal but rural. Lovely paths, woods and churches but also a missing footpath sign leading to a diversion! Very hard ground, rutted in places so worth wearing proper boots. Public toilets in the village; better coffee & snack at the end than last […]

65 – Totteridge and Darlands Lake, another variation 5.6 miles – 24th May

In short: slightly short of time this week we decide to return to our lovely local favourite. A beautiful sunny day with primarily firm hard paths apart from at Whetstone Stray which is very boggy. Usual lovely cafe pitstop at the end. 2hrs walking + 30 mins pitstop. We park as usual on Great Bushey […]

64 – Lovely Lea Valley views; Waltham Abbey to Broxbourne 8.7 miles – 17th May

In short: delightful walk even in foul weather – lovely views as promised and wildlife aplenty. Heavy rain at times and one very puddly section of towpath so well worth proper boots. Clean functional toilets in a couple of locations and decent midpoint stop off for a well deserved snack. 3hrs 20 mins walking + […]