75 – Orford to Chantry Point; across fields to the castle 4.9 miles – 11th August

In short: a lovely walk amalgamating aspects of walks 11 and 59 to enjoy river views across to the Ness and Havergate Island, and then from a higher viewpoint while crossing the fields. Easy walking but some slippy ground due to recent rain so proper walking boots required. Plenty of parking – much of which […]

73 – Ruislip Woods and Lido 7.8 miles – 19th July

In short: a lovely shady wooded walk centred on Ruislip Lido – a place I’ve long been curious to see. Forecast 30’C never materialised – so tree shade used to shelter from drizzle – and Lido slightly disappointing as really just a sandy play area beside a huge lake. Probably lovelier in the sunshine! Clean […]