91 – Hampstead Heath meander (again) 5.1 miles – 29th November

In short: a brief but satisfying stroll around the Heath – long enough to clear the cobwebs away but perfect for a day when we are both short of time! Gloomy but not especially wet – we keep to main paths and nothing is too muddy. Free on-street parking, plentiful public toilets at Kenwood House […]

90 – South Cerney loop in Cotswold Water Park 5.7 miles – 23rd November

In short: a walk from the AA – ‘Around the Lakes of the Cotswold Water Park’ – lovely paths and views but exceptionally muddy so sturdy walking boots required. Plenty of free parking at various points on this walk; public toilets and super pitstop (plus bonus Christmas shopping!) at the Cotswold Outdoor centre at the […]

89 – Rye Meads RSPB reserve to Great Amwell via River Lea and New River 8.6 miles – 13th November

In short: a reprise with variations of our lovely pre-Christmas walk last year – lots of canal and riverside walking, so mostly firm surfaced towpaths although muddy around the RSPB reserve. Lovely Christmassy pitstop at the Van Hage garden centre with toilets available – toilets also available at Rye Meads. 3hrs 35 mins walking + […]

88 – Epping Forest, including Connaught Water 6.2 miles – 8th November

In short: delightful autumn walk through the forest, around Connaught Water and as far as High Beach. Some muddy patches but mostly well-surfaced paths. Free forest parking, clean, well-appointed public toilets at start and fabulous café to finish. 2hrs 20 mins walking + 40 mins pitstop. We park, as before when walking in Epping Forest, […]