28 – Parkland Walk revisited 5.8 miles – 22nd August

In short: our old familiar path from Muswell Hill (Queens Woods) to Finsbury Park. Public toilets at Finsbury Park – always well maintained and lovely cafe by the boating lake. 1 hr 50 mins walking + 30 min pitstop.


Isn’t it funny how there can be more time constraints in a so-called holiday period than there are during term time? And so it was that we found ourselves with only a couple of hours to spare for walking but a real need to get out in the fresh air…being as it was that hiatus period between A-level & GCSE results that we were both struggling through!

The walk today is identical to that in walk 1 so I will just remark on the differences…


Firstly all paths were firm – no mud in sight – so any comfortable trainers would have been fine.


Secondly, Monday morning is obviously toddler singing time at the lovely Finsbury Park cafe – they were still serving their delicious hot chocolate but in order not to get caught up in the toe-tapping jaunty atmosphere inside we sit at a table outside – overlooking the boating lake and beside the playground.


This is such a simple walk – so close to home yet green and tranquil – I wholeheartedly recommend it for a couple of hours ‘away from it all’ in the heart of urban North London.

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