50 – Parkland Walk revisited 6.4 miles – 1st February

In short: back to our old familiar – a somehow fitting walk for the first anniversary of this blog; a return to the first walk. Mostly firm paths today, although some large puddles, usual clean functional public toilets in Finsbury Park beside it’s delightful large airy cafe. 2 hrs 10 mins walking + 30 mins pitstop.

We needed a quick and easy walk this week – with minimal travelling – as there were 4 of us, one of whom had a midday curfew. And so on a particularly grey day we return to our reliable fallback, the Parkland Walk. As ever we park near the Cranley Gardens/ Wood Vale junction – nearest postcode N10 3DJ. Today – judging by the slightly longer distance covered than usual – we must have started further from this junction than before.

A full description of this walk can be found at walk no 1 so once again (as for walk 28) I will just note any variations.

Despite the fact that this is a very local walk it is still a decent distance for a half day excursion – and given the recent rain it is well worth wearing proper waterproof walking boots or trainers. Trees are mostly bare but there is plenty of green around – as well as birdlife and any number of dogs with their owners. This path is well used but never feels busy at all.

Paths are wide enough throughout to easily walk two or more abreast – making it a most sociable walk for a group to do together. (And yes, it is the same two friends walking ahead of me in all the photos!)

Slightly unfortunately we arrive at the Finsbury Park cafe just as someone decides to start an impromptu baby singing session. Not too sure why this is occurring – there isn’t a group present, just a couple of little ones – maybe she just enjoys the sound of her own voice? I don’t want to seem too curmudgeonly – and for sure I’ve been there with my own kids, looking for something to keep them occupied whilst I enjoy a coffee – but really, we aren’t in the mood today!

Nonetheless the hot chocolate is, as ever, excellent and we have a pleasant rest before setting out on the return journey.

Once again a surprisingly pleasant walk on our doorstep – long enough to feel like exercise but easy enough to require little brain power!


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