54 – Lovely Lee Valley from Waltham Abbey 6 miles – 8th March

In short: a simple undemanding yet rewarding walk – flat well surfaced towpaths making it ideal for muddy conditions elsewhere. Super halfway cafe, plentiful public toilets and lots of free parking. 2hrs 15 mins walking + 30 mins pitstop.

After a few days rain and some very mushy ground in the surrounding area we pay a return visit to the Lee Valley path in Waltham Abbey. This walk is basically the same as number 19 on the 7th June and so I’ll just summarise and add a few photos.

We park at the Lee Valley White Water rafting centre where there is plenty of free parking, postcode EN9 1AB. There are also very clean and new public toilets inside the main building here.

The day is threatening and a little showery on and off but it never really amounts to anything. With the firm ground underfoot only good trainers are needed today.

We leave the car park and cross the bridge over the canal then head straight over towards the river path across a meadow.

We turn left onto the river path – always lovely – and keep along here passing the Fishers Green access point until we come to the bridge on our right opposite the Bittern Information point.

Here we cross the bridge, pass the picnic spot, the car park and the public toilets following the signs to the Lee Valley farms. After passing a hide on our left we turn right at a junction of paths to the large car park serving the farms. We make use of the delightful cafe for a pitstop – a generous and fresh scone and surprisingly decent coffee given it comes from a machine.

After making use of the functional clean toilets we retrace our steps to the Bittern Information point. Here we turn right and take the path that leads around this lake. And here we spot a kingfisher – a stunning sight!!

At a junction of paths we turn left and, keeping the lake on our left, we follow the path as it weaves in and out until we finally bear left to follow a path between the lake and the canal now over to our right.

After a short while we draw alongside a lock on the canal and here we take a path right up to the canal and cross to the towpath on the far side.

From here we simply walk straight along the towpath – past the Herts Young Mariners watersports centre – to the original bridge we crossed over the canal which we pass under and turn right to enter the White Water rafting centre.

This is such a lovely walk – even on a grey murky day – the photos really don’t do it justice and, despite the pylons stalking the skyline and the railway line running the length of one side of it, this is a real rural idyll here on the edge of North London. Enjoy!




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