75 – Orford to Chantry Point; across fields to the castle 4.9 miles – 11th August

In short: a lovely walk amalgamating aspects of walks 11 and 59 to enjoy river views across to the Ness and Havergate Island, and then from a higher viewpoint while crossing the fields. Easy walking but some slippy ground due to recent rain so proper walking boots required. Plenty of parking – much of which is free – public toilets in the village centre (not sampled!) & decent pitstop in posh village cafe. 1 hr 40 mins walking + 20 mins pitstop.

A beautiful beautiful day and a lovely solitary walk beckons… Parking is available in the village and I set off from Daphne Road, approx postcode IP12 2NH.

Walking away from the main road, Church St/Quay St I turn right onto the public footpath just after the impressive High House on my left. This path runs between two fields with a hedgerow on my right, alongside a ditch for a short while before crossing the ditch and then the field ahead towards steps up onto the coastal path – clearly visible in front of me.

I turn right onto the coastal path – admiring the terrific view of boats moored in the estuary here.

I pass the sailing club, the lovely riverside tearooms and cross the quay – the view to my right now is of the castle keep towering over the village and fields:

Whereas the views to my left are of more boats moored in the sparking water:

I continue along this coastal path for quite some distance – ignoring paths off right leading down to fields or marshland.

The path curves gently left parallel to Orford Ness over to my left and then bends sharply right (in between two paths off right) now with Havergate Island – the bird reserve – across the water now on my left. Views back to the village quay are simply gorgeous:

The light, the water, the stunning skies – it’s all quite magical and I can’t resist taking umpteen photos…

Both riverside and landward…

After walking alongside Havergate Island for several minutes the path bends sharply to the left and immediately after I take a path off right down to a metal gate.

This path runs between two arable fields with views towards the village and the castle ahead and to my right.

There is a dogleg right and then left in the path before it finally reaches the road at the top.

I mistakenly turn left here (I haven’t reread the instructions for previous walks before setting out…silly mistake!) but on reaching some farm buildings I realise this isn’t where I need to be so I turn and retrace my steps. Shortly after passing the path I walked up on I come to a pair of paths off on my left – the one on the left is just a path up to a property; I take the right fork. Just a few yards up this track there is a path off right through a hedge – up a couple of steps into a field.

This path is dead straight across two fields with fabulous wide sweeping views across the estuary on my right.

To be honest the views are so dramatically large that it’s impossible to do them justice with a simple phone camera – just appreciate the skies!

At the end of the fields I turn right and immediately left onto a path past some houses. This brings me alongside some woodland…

…before reaching the castle.

I walk to the right of the castle, through the small car park and out onto the road ahead past the pretty Crown and Castle hotel and towards the Pumphouse Bakery on the left of the village square.

I nip into the bakery for a lovely if expensive coffee and pastry – sitting outside in their tiny courtyard garden and making use of their smart clean toilet. I walk back through the churchyard, out left onto High St, then right to return to Daphne Road.

A lovely leg stretching walk – really easy and very pleasant to do by myself as just enough other people around to not feel uncomfortable but plenty of wide open space for a sense of peace and pleasant isolation.

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