92 – Woodbridge river stroll 3 miles – 12th December

In short: a freezing cold icy day and a trip to Suffolk combine to suggest this lovely short walk – perfectly beautiful. Parking in Pay & Display car park at Woodbridge railway station (very reasonable), public toilets in car park and on walk. 1 hr 35 mins walking + 2 pitstops of 30 mins & 45 mins.

A genuinely bitterly cold but beautiful day -and a trip to Suffolk – far too lovely to pass up the opportunity for a walk but given the ice and snow all around we keep it fairly short.

Parking at the Pay & Display car park at Woodbridge railway station, postcode IP12 4AU, we leave the car park and cross the railway line at the bridge beside the station building where we walk ahead to follow the towpath with the river to our left.

We immediately have the gorgeous river Deben before us, sparkling in the winter sunshine.

Truly impossible to resist taking photos…

We follow the path – picking our way round icy puddles – till shortly after the sailing and rowing clubs we come to a public toilet block on our right and a delightful café next to the model boating pond.

Here we enjoy delicious coffee and toasted teacakes before continuing on our way alongside the river.

Views are genuinely spectacular with snow covered slopes on the far side of the river and the sun glimmering off the water – really just…wow…

As we run out of buildings to pass, everything is so peaceful – just waterbirds and waders to keep us company…

A couple of quick peeks back towards the town…

Now we follow this path till we come to the end of the towpath…

…where we reluctantly leave this glorious estuary behind us…

We turn left onto the path ahead and left again on a footpath that leads down to a small beach, where we walk to the far end.

We now retrace our steps along the beach and back along the path to the junction of paths where we now bear left uphill to the National Trust beauty spot of Kyson Hill which apparently boasts a fantastic viewpoint.

To call this a ‘hill’ is a bit of a stretch – it is really not much more than a slope – but an information sign and a bench over to our right mark the viewpoint and we stop to admire and take in our surroundings.

The snowy scene really is very special with the trees in sharp relief against the countryside:

The snow on the ground means we miss the path that cuts across diagonally downhill from the bench and we decide to continue up along the path we came on – stopping en route to admire the snowy woodland view to our left.

On reaching a railway line we realise we have made a mistake and so retrace our steps back down the lane to the bench where we pick a route across the snowy grass to a gap in a hedge diagonally to our left and then on to a footpath where we turn left.

We continue along this path with marshland now on our right – in between us and the estuary. After a few minutes the track heads left – cows in the field in front of us – and we have to cross the railway line at an unmanned level crossing. We now walk diagonally across the park on our right – past the playground and café building to the road beyond where we turn right. After passing a car park on our left we recross the railway line at another ‘stop, look, listen’ level crossing and find ourselves on the path alongside the boating pond café.

We turn left at the towpath and return to the railway station where we cross at the bridge and make a second pitstop at the fabulous Whistlestop Café to enjoy a warming, delicious bowl of homemade soup and a restorative coffee.

Lovely, lovely walk – short and sweet – totally perfect.

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